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Our ever-increasing product range is designed to keep pace with our changing market as we work with our customers to reduce reliance on therapeutic medications in preference to natural alternatives, while at the same time being able to assist with the medical challenges faced by the intensive farming industry.

Our company is proud to represent highly reputable manufacturers from Europe, the USA and Asia, and continues to strive for excellence in both products and service. Our most valuable asset is our customers, and we work hard to resolve the challenges they face while working to reduce their costs.

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Probiotics and Natural products

Over the past 10 years, the consumer demand has moved towards natural alternatives and traditional medicines where their use if both efficacious and beneficial to both the animals and the consumer.

In line with this demand, Prime Animal Health has partnered with several highly respected and internationally recognised manufacturers of probiotics, natural feed ingredients and specialist products.

Our partners are leaders in the industry and produce numerous natural solutions to the problems encountered in both the intensive farming industry and for organic and free-range farmers.

Prime Animal Health pride ourselves on working with our international partners to resolve issues faced by our clients and promote the use of natural feed ingredients to ensure healthy animals and to resolve health issues naturally where possible.