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Addcon XF Superfine Specification

Amoxi-sol FG – Recovery and dispersion within stockfeed trial

Assessment of the Prebiotic effect of Bolex MB40 on canines

Benefits of Leiber Biolex MB40 in starter and pre starter diets

Biolex MB40 – Neutralising mycotoxins in pigs

CeFi Pro naturally fine and delicate in weaning feed

Effects of (1,3)-(1,6)-ß-glucan from brewers‘ yeast (Leiber Beta S) on immune competence and disease resistance in rainbow trout

Effects of Brewers Yeast cell walls on pathogen binding and gut barrier integrity after infection

Effects of CeFi Pro on performance and health of sows and their piglets

Effects of dietary Formi NDF on layer coliform faecal counts

Effects of purified brewers yeast on the Mucosal health of Atlantic Salmon

Experimental report of Leiber Beta S in rainbow trout

Experimental report on Leiber Beta S on rainbow troup and carp

Experimental report on Leiber Biolex MB40 on aquaculture relevant gut microbial communities

Fish and Shellfish immunology – Beta S modulates immune response and gut microbiome

FORMI – Comparison of benzoic acid and potassium diformate on piglets

FORMI – Effect on milk yield in sow

Improved performance in piglet rearing with Biolex MB40

Improved performance in piglet rearing with Biolex MB40

In vitro assessment of various Leiber YeaFi products on the fermentation of high starch and high fibre substrates in horses

Influence of a YeaFi Brewers‘ Yeast Fibre product on skin coat, digestion and feaces of dogs and cats

Influence of Dried brewers yeast on skin, coat, digestion and faeces in dogs and cats

Influence of Leiber Beta S in diets on the effectiveness of anti-enteric Redmouth disease (Aqua Vac ERM ) Vaccine in rainbow trout

Influence of Leiber Brewers Yeast BT on physical condition, fur quality, coat change and faecal texture in older horses

Kofasil S – More milk through better feed quality trial

Leeiber CeFi Pro auttolyeed brewers yeast for aquaculture

Leiber Beta S influence on immune parameters in calves

Leiber Beta S supplementation on immune parameters in horses

Leiber Beta-S_highly purified ß-glucans for aquaculture

Leiber Biolex MB40 improving performance in piglets

Leiber Biolex MB40 prebiotic brewers yeast cell walls for aquaculture

Leiber Brewers Yeast – Trial on the bacteriostatic effects

Leiber CeFi Pro improves weight gain in rearing calves

Leiber YeaFi BT in sows – Effects on piglet performance

Leiber YeaFi increases milk yield and quality – trial

NuTaste – New range of unique multi-functional yeast extracts for aquaculture

Nutaste trial on shrimp attractability and palatability 2021

Pathogen binding effect of brewers yeast in livestock

Positive effect on microbial composition and activity in the canine gastro intestinal tract with Biolex MB40

Reduction of antibiotic growth promoters by using Biolex MB40 with consistent performance

Study on growth and performance of Leiber Beta S in Shrimps

The beneficial effects of FORMI NDF on broiler production

Velox B – energy for piglets