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Addcon Profeed

ADDCON ProFeed preserves compound feed and deactivates mycotoxins. (Download Brochure)

The holistic approach to complete feed hygiene. Addcon Profeed

  • Prevents mould and bacteria
  • Inhibits the impact of mycotoxins
  • Achieves intestinal health

PREVENTION & DETOXIFICATION leads to complete feed hygiene!

Driven by research from the United States and Europe, ADDCON developed a holistic approach to feed hygiene – by tackling the impact of bacteria, yeasts and moulds as
well as their metabolites to compound feed simultaneously – following a prevention and detoxification approach. This led to the formulation of ADDCON ProFeed.

The holistic approach to complete feed hygiene satisfies the need of modern, sustainable animal production. The combined anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and detoxifying effects are beneficial for the feed and animal in many respects:

  • ADDCON ProFeed prevents and stops the spread of moulds and bacteria in the feed
  • ADDCON ProFeed targets undesirable substances, such as endo- and mycotoxins
  • ADDCON ProFeed stabilises feed quality and leads to intestinal health

Available packaging

25kg bags

Quality Assurance

Prime Animal Health ensure all products are manufactured against APVMA GMP, EU GMP, USFDA, GMP+, ISO 9001 or other recognised quality standards to ensure the products supplied are of the highest quality and integrity.

Prime Addcon Profeed
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