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Addcon XL2.0

Maximum safety for protein-containing feed.

Proven effectiveness in inhibiting bacteria in protein meals. Hygiene is the key. ADDCON XL 2.0 is manufactured in ADDCON’s diformate reactor. Due to this special production process, the product is more effective than pure acids, easier to use and safer to use. Partial volatility – part of the product will evaporate from the meal, thereby decontaminating it. Adapted composition close to the crystallization point (high optical density) and stability – a substantial part of the product is retained over a longer period even after pelleting.

  • High concentration
  • High efficiency
  • Safe and easy to use


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Available packaging

Canister (25 L)

Barrel (200 L)

IBC (1,000 L)

Quality Assurance

Prime Animal Health ensure all products are manufactured against APVMA GMP, EU GMP, USFDA, GMP+, ISO 9001 or other recognised quality standards to ensure the products supplied are of the highest quality and integrity.

Addcon XL2.0 SQ
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