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Aquaform 3G

AQUAFORM 3G , manufactured by one of Europe's leading Green chemistry manufacturers ADDCON GmbH, is the next generation of Acidifiers for crustaceans.

In order to keep on innovating for the aquaculture industry, ADDCON has developed a product that combines the well-known molecule potassium diformate with medium
chain organic acids to achieve a broader effect against pathogenic bacteria and boost performance of aquaculture species. Such solution of ADDCON´s 3rd generation acidifiers, known commercially as AQUAFORM 3G, was carefully developed to counteract challenging conditions and optimize profitability in shrimp production, among others.

The South American country, Ecuador, which is one of the biggest shrimp producers in the world, has wisely decided to start with AQUAFORM 3G through ADDCON´s local distributor PROBAC.

Hygiene and efficiency for shrimps as well as optimum safety in producing seafood are key requirements for modern shrimp production. AQUAFORM 3 G offers:

  • New performance in aquaculture
  • New mode of action
  • Strong mode of action
  • Strong and broad antimicrobial effect
  • Improved survival rates
  • Optimum safety for humans and the environment
  • No residues
  • Secure and easy handling

Available packaging

Packed in 25kg bags

Quality Assurance

Prime Animal Health ensure all products are manufactured against APVMA GMP, EU GMP, USFDA, GMP+, ISO 9001 or other recognised quality standards to ensure the products supplied are of the highest quality and integrity.

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