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Formi NDF

Hygiene and efficiency for pigs and birds as well as optimal safety towards producing meat are key requirements for modern swine and poultry production. FORMI NDF is

  • effective against E. coli & Campylobacter
  • strong anti-Salmonella action
  • supports growth performance
  • promotes natural microflora
  • reduces harmful bacteria
  • decreases pH and increases feed intake
  • lowers the risk of diarrhoea
  • reduces nitrogen and phosphorous excretion.

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Available packaging

25kg bags

Quality Assurance

Prime Animal Health ensure all products are manufactured against APVMA GMP, EU GMP, USFDA, GMP+, ISO 9001 or other recognised quality standards to ensure the products supplied are of the highest quality and integrity.

Prime Formi NDF
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