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Leiber YeaFi AB

Leiber YeaFi products are almost classics. This unique combination of real inactivated brewers’ yeast with valuable dietary fibre carriers like spent grains, beet pulp and apple pomace have been produced according to the original recipe since 1954. The fibre components reinforce the beneficial nutritional properties of brewers’ yeast in an ideal way. In addition, functional fibre from secondary food streams is not only fully in-line
with today’s sustainability trend, but also has many advantages, including technological ones.

  • Natural supplier of dietetic and prebiotic active ingredients and nutrients
  • Functional, high-fibre and dietary fibre components
  • Has a stabilising effect on the digestive processes
  • Supports coat quality, shine and shedding
  • Easy handling, dose and good storage properties (not hygroscopic)
  • Advantages in terms of production technology, e.g. water retention

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Available packaging

25kg bags

Quality Assurance

Prime Animal Health ensure all products are manufactured to the highest standards. Leiber certifications include:

International Certification Bio Suisse Entscheid Nr.: ICB-02663-2020

ISO50001 Certification No: 01 407 1302377

Food Safety System Certification 22000

IFS Food Certification No: 523210

QAL GmbH certification for Compound feed production 7088-012-2021-1

Prime Leiber Yeafi-AB
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