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Neogen D3X needles

As pioneers of detectable needles, the Ideal® D3™X Needle is Neogen's evolution of the D3 Needle product line, with innovative features designed to provide protection and ease of mind for producers, workers, packers, and consumers. Created with common causes of broken needles in mind — such as bending or straightening of the needle or improper technique — D3X is intuitive, easy to use, and requires no additional training.

Increase Strength, Decrease Breaking: The D3X Needle is made with stronger sidewalls, which are crimped and pressed into sturdy, aluminum hubs. These thick-walled cannulas increase strength load and decrease bending and breaking, keeping the needle tip sharper longer than conventional needles.

Six Times More Detectable: Our newly developed easy-to-grip extraction collar is adhered to the needle and allows for immediate needle removal following a broken needle. Using our trusted detectable metal alloy and highly visible extraction collar, D3X needles detect needle fragments at line speed using X-ray or magnetic technology.

Neogen® has been a trusted needle manufacturer for 20 years, starting with the D3 Needle, which has been the standard for swine needles across the world. The D3X Needle expands our established line while adding new features, providing a solution and proper procedure that allows for an extra layer of protection throughout the entire farm to fork process.


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