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Oxy-Sol Antibiotic Soluble Powder

(Oxytetracycline hydrochloride BP)

For the control and treatment of diseases caused by micro-organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline in poultry, pigs, calves and cattle.


This is a Vet Only product. Please contact Prime for further information

Available packaging

1kg foil sachets (10 X 1 kg per carton)

25kg kegs

Other pack sizes are available on request.

Quality Assurance

Prime Animal Health ensure all products are manufactured against APVMA GMP, EU GMP, USFDA, GMP+, ISO 9001 or other recognised quality standards to ensure the products supplied are of the highest quality and integrity.
Approximately 90% - 95% of all batches of medicated feed additives and Veterinary products are selected at random to receive an independent confirming assay by an Australian or internationally recognised laboratory prior to release for sale.

Vet Only Product

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